Investor Relations




Dear Shareholders,

Since its founding, Grupo Security has maintained high standards of service quality, excellence and ethics with employees and customers. This has resulted in ongoing value creation for shareholders and has been accomplished in adherence with the strict regulatory framework that governs our companies.

One key component of this philosophy is sound corporate governance, which must be safeguarded by the boards of Grupo Security and each of its subsidiaries. Such boards are the highest governing authority in a corporation. The Board of Directors of Grupo Security plays an active role in the company's management. Some directors serve on the boards of its subsidiaries, while others participate in committees created especially to support operations that report periodically to each company's board. In this way, they provide oversight and leadership to further the growth and development of the group companies. This responsibility is entrusted to them by our shareholders, who elect the nine members of the board, one of which is independent, every three years. The most recent elections were held in April 2019.

In recent years, Grupo Security has strengthened its corporate governance by updating the codes and policies that serve as guidelines for all aspects of the company's operations. It has also created a structure of support committees involving members of the board.

With these achievements and good practices, each Security company—through its respective board—is capable of fulfilling its duty to shareholders, which involves supervising management's operation of the business and thereby maximizing the company's value.

This section provides additional information about our company's governance policies and materials, as well as information about the board of directors and committees on which board members serve.

Francisco Silva Silva, Chairman of the Board.

Governance Documents