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Executive Management

Executive Management

Naoshi Matsumoto Courdurier

Board Member

Businessman with extensive experience in the financial, industrial, hotel, transportation and automotive industries, among others. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Inversiones Matyco Ltda., an investment company with interests in diverse areas, including the financial and industrial sectors. Matyco is one of the main shareholders of Grupo Security.

Previously, he was on the board of Valores Security Corredores de Bolsa, a Security company that provides financial advisory and brokerage services in the Chilean capital market.

Naoshi Matsumoto Courdurier has a degree in business administration from Universidad Gabriela Mistral and a dual degree MBA from Adolfo Ibañez School of Management and Deusto Business School. Throughout his career, he has served as CEO at Inversiones Matyco Ltda., Vice President of Corporate Development at SK Berge S.A., Fiat General Manager and Fiat Marketing Manager at Comercial Itala S.A., Project Manager at SK Automotriz, Product Manager at Mitsubishi Motors Chile and Product Manager at Daewoo Motor Chile.

He currently chairs the board of directors of PC Factory S.A., and sits on the boards of Travel Security S.A., SK Comercial S.A., SK Rental Group S.A., Modyo S.A. and Godelius S.A.

Among his personal pursuits, Mr. Matsumoto is President of Sunland Group LLC, President of Fundación Ganbaru, Director of Fundación Chile Dual and an adviser to TECHO.