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Executive Management

Executive Management

Jorge Marin

Jorge Marín Correa

Vice President of the Board of Grupo Security 

Mr. Marín has been a board member of Grupo Security and Banco Security since 1994.

Mr. Marín is the General Manager of Constructora de Viviendas Económicas Santa Marta Ltda. and of Inversiones Hemaco Ltda., both family investment companies. Mr. Marín is also a founding partner of the brokerage firm Nevasa S.A. Corredores de Bolsa, which began operations in 1990.

He is also currently the Chairman of the Board of CMPC, S.A., Indiver S.A., an investment company and Detroit S.A.

He served as Chairman of the Board of Grupo CGE, a Chilean power company (generation and distribution), between 2006 and 2014. Mr. Marín was also a member of the Board of and EMEL Norte S.A, a power distribution company, Gasco S.A., Transnet S.A. He was previously a member of the boards of Sopraval S.A., a leading poultry producer (1993-1996), Eléctrica de Pirque S.A. (1994-2002), El Raulí S.A., a life insurance company (2000-2009), Emec S.A., a power utility company (2001-2004), and affiliates of CGE S.A. in Argentina since 2006, including EDET, EJESA and Energía San Juan.