Investor Relations





    In August 2021, the shareholders of Grupo Security approved the creation of a share buyback program for up to 5% of the subscribed and paid-in shares for a period of 5 years and delegated authority to the board to define the acquisition mechanism. As of December 31, 2021, Grupo Security had acquired 38 million shares, equivalent to 0.95% of all shares.

    In 2021 Grupo Security purchased a minority interest in Monument Bank, a banking entity recently licensed by the English financial regulator that offers a 100% digital experience to the mass affluent segment in the United Kingdom. This investment will allow Grupo Security and Monument Bank to join forces to explore alternatives that complement its business model in Chile and the region. Similarly, for Grupo Security it represents an opportunity to access cutting-edge technology and high standards in digital financial services.


    Grupo Security celebrates twenty-five years since its IPO on the local stock market.

    On August 19, 2020, the preferential option period for the Company’s capital increase was successfully concluded, raising MCH$51,555. A total of 322,220,568 shares were subscribed at a value of CH$160 per share, or almost 78% of the issuance. The remaining 92 million shares were granted on a prorated basis—approximately 0.28 shares for each share subscribed—to the shareholders participating in this increase, to be acquired by them for CH$160 per share until February 2022.

    In September 2020, Grupo Security completed the placement of UF 1,000,000 in 20-year bonds (series S) issued in June 2020 at an interest rate of 2.0% annual.


    On March 28, 2018, Grupo Security successfully placed 71,769,048 shares through an order book auction. Demand was 9 times supply, equivalent to over US$ 297 million. The auction rose over US$33 million, with 20% going to foreign investors, 22% to the retail industry and 8% to local pension funds.

    On March 15, 2018, Grupo Security concluded the placement of the N1 series bond for UF 1.5 million, which attracted a total demand of 1.8 times the offering size. This 25-year bond with a 20-year grace period had a duration of 16.5 years and was placed at a rate of UF + 3.05%.


    On August 24, 2017 Grupo Security completed the tenth capital increase in its history. 97.26% of the approximately 437 million new shares issued were subscribed, raising Ch$ 93,424 million.

    On January 5, 2017, Grupo Security completed a bond exchange process to exchange 95.1% of the F series bond, equivalent to UF 1,189,000, for the M series bond, thus extending the duration of the Group's total debt from 11.2 to 12.5.


    On February 2016, Grupo Security successfully concluded the acquisition of Banco Penta's asset management and stock brokerage subsidiaries. These companies were immediately merged with AGF Security and Valores Security. This deal strengthens Inversiones Security fifth place market standing in the Chilean third-party asset management industry.

    On January 2016, Grupo Security sold its minority holding of 29.55% in Penta Security to Liberty International Holdings for a total of Ch$ 31,652 million.


    Grupo Security celebrates twenty years since its IPO on the local stock market.

    Through its subsidiary Vida Security, the Group buys 61% of the Peruvian insurance company Protecta.


    As part of the Bank’s strategy to support foreign trade between Asia and Chile, Banco Security establishes a representative office in Hong Kong, Asia´s premier financial centre.


    Grupo Security sells its interest in Cooper Gay Chile to Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford, an international wholesale and reinsurance broker.

    Grupo Security acquires the Cruz del Sur companies with the strategic purpose of strengthening its Insurance and Asset Management Areas. It is the largest acquisition in the history of Grupo Security, for nearly US$ 300 million. Two years later, Grupo Security had already achieved savings of a present value of US$ 236 million in synergies, far exceeding the US$ 144 million estimated prior the acquisition of Cruz del Sur and a significant portion of the purchasing price.


    Travel Security purchases Travex, a leading travel agency in Peru. With this acquisition, Grupo Security gained experience in the Peruvian market paving the way for future acquisitions.


    Travel Security becomes part of the American Express Travel Network, the largest travel agency in the world, as the exclusive representative in Chile.


    Grupo Security and Grupo Ultramar merge their travel agencies, Travel Security and Turismo Tajamar, into Travel Security.

    Grupo Security acquires Cigna Compañía de Seguros de Vida, which was then merged with Vida Security.


    Grupo Security acquires Interamericana Rentas Seguros de Vida (Interrentas), subsidiary of AIG in Chile.


    Grupo Security acquires the Chilean branch of Dresdner Bank and then merges it with Banco Security. In april 2004 the P&C insurance company Seguros Security Previsión Generales merges with Seguros Generales Las Américas, and Compañía de Seguros Generales Penta Security is created, where Grupo Security holds a minority stake of about 30% of the company.

    New alliance with Europ Assistance, where Europ Assistance Chile is created.

    Grupo Security partners with the English reinsurance brokerage firm Cooper Gay in order to create Cooper Gay Chile.


    The insurance companies Previsión (life insurance) and Previsión Generales (P&C insurance) change their names to Seguros Vida Security Previsión and Seguros Security Previsión Generales.


    Grupo Security acquires a majority stake in Turismo Export Travel (travel agency), and changes its name to Travel Security.


    Grupo Security sells its interest in the pension fund management company AFP Protección.


    Grupo Security stock is publicly listed on the Santiago Stock Exchange. The second capital increase of Grupo Security is carried out. A controlling interest is acquired in AFP Protección (pension fund management company) and the insurance companies Previsión (life insurance) and Previsión Generales (P&C insurance).


    The shareholders of Grupo Security purchase the remaining 40% interest of Banco Security from Bank of America.


    Administradora de Fondos Mutuos Security (the asset management company), and Factoring Security are created.


    Former executives from Banco Security Pacific and other investors create Grupo Security in order to acquire 60% of the bank from Security Pacific Overseas Corp. The name of the bank changes to Banco Security.