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Investor FAQs


Investor FAQs

    What does Grupo Security do?

    We are a niche Chilean-based diversified financial group, offering specialized and segmented banking, insurance, asset management and other services to large and medium-sized companies, and high-income individuals.

    Where is the Company headquartered?

    Grupo Security’s address is:
    Avda. Apoquindo 3150, Piso 14,
    Las Condes, Santiago.

    When was Grupo Security formed?

    The company was formed in 1991 when former Security Pacific Bank executives and other investors created Grupo Security to acquire Banco Security from Security Overseas Pacific Corporation.

    How many people does Grupo Security employ?

    As of June 2023, there were 3,524 employees.

    Where can I find more information on Grupo Security’s management team?

    Information about the management team can be found in the Investor Relations portion of the website in the Corporate Governance section.

    Does Grupo Security pay dividends?

    Yes. The company pays dividends every year.
    According to the policy, approved at the ordinary shareholders’ meeting, at least 30% of Grupo Security’s annual profits are distributed, provided that distribution does not impede or hinder compliance with the Company’s current or future financial obligations.

    On what markets does Grupo Security trade?

    The Grupo Security shares trade on the Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago.

    What is Grupo Security’s ticker symbol?

    Bloomberg Ticker – SECUR CI

    Which equity analysts cover Grupo Security?

    The analysts that provide research coverage on Grupo Security can be found in the Investor Relations portion of the website in the Stock Information section.

    What is the Company’s fiscal year end?

    The company’s fiscal year end is December 31.

    Who is the Company’s independent Auditors?

    EY Servicios Profesionales de Auditoría y Asesoría SpA

    When is the Annual Meeting of Shareholders?

    The Annual Meeting is usually held during April.

    Where can I find more information on Grupo Security?

    Throughout the website, you will be able to find company information, press releases, financial information & presentations, regulatory filings and other useful information.

    How can I contact investor relations?

    Marcela Villafaña 
    Head of Investor Relations
    [email protected]
    56 2 2584 4540

    Daniela Fuentes
    Investor Relations Analyst
    [email protected]
    56 2 2584 2621

    Renzo Rojas
    Investor Relations Analyst
    [email protected]
    56 2 2584 4799

    Uberto Hormazábal
    Investor Relations Analyst
    [email protected]

    María José Fuller
    Investor Relations Analyst
    [email protected]
    56 2 2584 5752

    Investor Relations Grupo Security
    Apoquindo 3150, Piso 14 Santiago, Chile
    [email protected]